We buy Fuser Cores

Across the globe, Partsmart is committed to recycling and reusing printer parts. Our fuser remanufacturing programs give printer fusers new life, reducing environmental impacts from disposal. We only recycle products that can be reused. 


We pay cash for repairable fuser cores plus domestic ground shipping!

Please send your core list to us via email or fax
Fax: +1-770-263-1278
Printer Model Fuser OEM#  Price 
HPII/III (SX) RG1-0939  $5.00
HPIIP/IIIP (LX) RG1-1788  $8.00
HP4 (EX) RG5-0454  $10.00
HP4+/5 (EX+) RG5-0879  $10.00
HP5P (VX) RG5-1700  $10.00
HP6P (VX) RG5-4110, RG5-2800  $10.00
HP5Si/8000 (WX) RG5-4447, RG5-3686  $10.00
HP1010 RM1-0649  $10.00
HP1020 RM1-2086  $10.00
HP1200 RG9-1493  $10.00
HP1300 RM1-0560, RM1-0715  $10.00
HP1320 RM1-1289  $15.00
HP2100 RG5-4132  $10.00
HP2200 RG5-5559  $10.00
HP2300 RM1-0354  $15.00
HP2400 RM1-1491, RM1-1535  $15.00
HP2550 RG5-7572  $20.00
HP3600/3800 RM1-2665  $15.00
HP4000 RG5-2661, RG5-2657  $12.00
HP4100 RG5-5063  $12.00
HP4200 RM1-0013  $15.00
HP4250/4350 RM1-1082  $15.00
HP4300 RM1-0101  $20.00
HP4345 RM1-1043  $20.00
HP4600 RG5-6493  $15.00
HP4700 RM1-3131, Q7502A  $25.00
HP5000 RG5-3528, RG5-5455  $10.00
HP5100 RG5-7060  $10.00
HP5500 RG5-6848  $15.00
HP8100 RG5-4318, RG5-6532  $15.00
HP9000 RG5-5750  $30.00
HPP2015 RM1-4247  $15.00
HPP3005 RM1-3740  $15.00
HPP3015 RM1-6274  $20.00
HPP4014 RM1-4554  $20.00
HPM600 RM1-8395  $20.00
HPCP2025 RM1-6740  $15.00
HPCP3525 RM1-4955  $20.00
Lexmark E332 40X1300  $15.00
Lexmark M410/412 12G3982, 12G3984  $10.00
Lexmark T430 56P2330  $20.00
IBM Infoprint 20 90H3465  $30.00
Xerox N24/32/40/IBM IP24/32/40 126K10011  $35.00
HP5Si/8000 (WX) Paper Input Assy RG5-1852  $20.00
HP8100 Paper Input Assy RG5-4334  $20.00


  • Prices offered are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices offered do not imply a commitment to purchase.