Printel Compatible 40X4724 Maintenance Kits (110V) Purchase for Lexmark T65x, with 40X4418 Fuser Included

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Partsmart 90-Days Product Warranty
  • 40X4724 Fuser Maintenance Kit (110V) Purchase for Lexmark T65x. Top quality at competitive price. Return Fuser Core for $20 Credit. Exchange price is only $89! We pay domestic ground shipping for core return! Return label will be provided.
  • 90-day Warranty after the date of purchase and we provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.
  • What you get: 1 each Compatible 40X4418 Fuser Assembly (110V) Purchase (Brand New),1 each 40X1886 Transfer Roller ASM,3 each 40X4308 Pickup Roller (Set of 2),1 each 40X5852 PCR (Charge Roller), and professional technical support.
  • Manufacturer Direct from the Printer Parts & Supplies Leader: Partsmart Corporation. 300+ tons of toner distributed worldwide, 19+ years in printer parts and supplies industry, headquarter in Duluth Georgia, our quality and service are dependable.

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Fuser Maintenance Kit (110V)

40X4724 Fuser Maintenance Kit (110V) Purchase for Lexmark T65x

Customer questions & answers

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  • Q: you show this as a 40x4724 which is type 2 300K pages but in your kit includes it shows as a 40x4418 type 1 150K pages. Which one is it. If it is a 40x4418 than you should change your product detail from 40x4724 to 40x4418 because the 40x4724 is a more expensive fuser kit
    Asked by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2018-10-19 08:20
    AnswerOur part# and description are correct. Our fuser 40X4418 and Maintenance Kit 40X4724 are both Type 1. Lexmark T650 Type 2 fuser is 40X5853, Type 2 Maintenance Kit is 40X4767.
  • Q: Is the fuser refurbished OEM or custom manufactured?
    Asked by walt.warfel on Wed, 2018-04-11 15:07
    AnswerThis is Compatible New made by Partsmart
40X4724 Maintenance Kit (110V) Purchase
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Great item. arrived in well-packaged shipping box and in excellent condition.
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