Printel Compatible RM1-4430-AEX Fuser Assembly (110V / 120V) Exchange for HP Color LaserJet CM1312, Color LaserJet CP1215, Color LaserJet CP1515, Color LaserJet CP1518, Color LaserJet Pro CM1415, Color LaserJet Pro CP1525

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  • RM1-4430-AEX Fuser Assembly (110V) Color LaserJet Color CP1215, Color LaserJet CP1525. Top quality at competitive price. Return Fuser Core for $20 Credit. Exchange price is only $55! We pay domestic ground shipping only! Return label will be provided.
  • 90-day Warranty after the date of purchase and we provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.
  • Manufacturer Direct from the Printer Parts & Supplies Leader: Partsmart Corporation. 300+ tons of toner distributed worldwide, 19+ years in printer parts and supplies industry, headquarter in Duluth Georgia, our quality and service are dependable.

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Fuser Assembly (110V)

RM1-4430-AEX Fuser Assembly (110V) Color LaserJet Color CP1215, Color LaserJet CP1525

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  • Q: Does RM1-4430-AEX Fuser Assembly (110V) or RM1-4430-000 Fuser Assembly (110V) come with the pressure roller and the film sleeve located in the fuser assembly? Also, how do I know if I need the RM1-4430-AEX or the RM1-4430-000? All I can find on my fuser assembly is RC2-2152 and 3130121645.
    Asked by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2019-01-13 13:07
    AnswerHi there, RM1-4430-AEX and RM1-4430-000 are the same product. AEX means core exchange. Once you purchase our fuser, and if you return the used core from your older fuser, we will give you $20 credit. But for both RM1-4430-AEX and RM1-4430-000, upfront you need to pay the same amount, which is $75. So you can purchase either one. RC2-2152 Fuser is the same as RM1-4430 fuser. And yes, the LPR-CP1210 pressure roller and RM1-4430-FM3 film sleeve are inside the fuser assembly. I hope this helps!