GR-B2240-14T Fuser Gear (14T)

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  • GR-B2240-14T Fuser Gear (14T). Top quality at competitive price.
  • 90-day Warranty after the date of purchase and we provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.
  • Manufacturer Direct from the Printer Parts & Supplies Leader: Partsmart Corporation. 300+ tons of toner distributed worldwide, 19+ years in printer parts and supplies industry, headquarter in Duluth Georgia, our quality and service are dependable.

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Fuser Gear (14T)

GR-B2240-14T Fuser Gear (14T)

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  • Q: I'm looking for the gear piece that connects to the front cover, making it possible to remove the drum and toner. Is this that same piece? My toner & drum got stuck after I removed a paper jam. Almost impossible to insert and remove. I was following the instructions saying 4. Pull the end of the develop joint link (plastic latch) towards the connector on the front cover. If the develop joint link (plastic latch) pulls out, pull it gently to the left of the connector and then push it over the connector, securing it firmly onto the connector. As I did that, a small light gray gear popped out and I haven't been able to find it. According to the Brother site, without the develop joint link in place, the front cover won't close (check) and the drum/cartridge will not be possible to remove. I am now in the situation where it is completely impossible to remove them. Please advise! I can't tell from the photo in the online repair instructions if this part will help. Thank you! Tearing my hair out...machine out of warranty, otherwise fine.
    Asked by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 2020-08-24 22:04
    AnswerThis gear is located inside the fuser, so it is not the gear that you are looking for.